Thursday, September 9, 2010

Haul: Missha, Chloe, Nars, Shiseido, YSL

First of all, let me apologize for the revolting camera quality. Currently I have been forced to use the video recorded to capture images as a result of losing my old camera. My father, keen photojournalist, keeps a close eye on the new SLR and I am only able to steal it from him once in a blue moon.
The Good News: I am saving up for a new camera :)

Therefore we can release a sigh of relief and move on to the haul.


Missha BB Boomer
$19.00 (AUD)
I must confess, that this was not the first item I purchased from the Missha store - although I would like to talk about it first because I am slightly anal (pardon the language) and I do prefer to write about each product in order of how you use them. You see, the BB Boomer is an illuminating primer that moisturizes and helps the lasting power of your BB cream. So naturally: primer first, makeup second.

Smell is that of baby product/floral. It is sweet but not to the extent of other products that make your face smell like a Pattiserrie. Texture is similar to most other primers. I will not rave, as I do not consider it very special. Doesn't really cover pores but creates a reasonably smooth canvas for your BB cream. Is filled with minuscule pink fairy-dust-like-particles to give skin an amazing I-am-a-Korean-Celebrity look. Fear not: minuscule fairy dust particles does not result in crazy disco ball face. The effect is rather subtle.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream no. 31
$32.00 (AUD)
This was the first thing I purchased from the Missha store. I went quite mad searching the whole of Melbourne for it. Ended up in Box Hill. Was quite happy walking into brightly lit cosmetic store with Taeyang's Wedding Dress playing in the background. Heaven.

Product is a foundation. Is skin-lighting: perfect to fade age spots, sun spots or acne scars. Has incredible coverage - better than most BB creams. Has anti-aging properties. Smooths out lines, conceals redness, dark circles, may even be able to give Superman a run for his money. This product is that of magic potion quality.

Things about it that makes me :(

Product only comes in 3 shades. Quite disappointing. Color purchased turned out to be far too dark for me, as product oxidizes throughout the day. As much as I loathe M.A.C, I do know that most people are familiar with their shade in the Studio Fix Fluid. To compare: I am an NC 38 in winter and an NC 40 to 42 in summer. The Missha Perfect Cover BB cream no. 31 was at least three to four shades darker than my skin tone, therefore matches with the NC 45 +

Shades also has an odd greyish pink tone, which makes it tough to work with if you have warm undertones. I suspect this works best with people with cool undertones.

Sample: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream no.23
After discovering that the no.31 made me look like my face had taken a vacation to California without the rest of my body, I went back to the store to pick up a tester of the number 23 to mix in and hopefully make my BB cream match my skintone better.

The lighter the colours, the greyer the tone. Bizarre. However, by mixing no.23 with no.31 I created a color that matched NC40. The yellow undertone of the NC 40 could not be matched however, therefore BB Cream looks best when worn for casual days out. Will not recommend for photos. Will make face appear ashy in pictures.
Begins to wonder if Koreans have grey skin...

Sample: Missha Oxygen Mask
Have no idea what this is. Have not tried on account of all instructions written in Korean. Will go back to Box Hill to ask Shop Keeper how to use. Horrified that the only store is in Box Hill.


Nars Lipgloss in Striptease
$55.00 (AUD)
Sits and ponders for a moment about the name. Why do all my favorite Nars products make me blush? *cough * orgasm, deep throat*cough*

Have been infatuated with Turkish Delight for too long. Decided to make a switch and purchased Striptease as an impulse buy. Product is not too sticky, well pigmented, and has slight shimmer reminiscent of the the sea under the stars. Color is innocent baby pink. Very very baby pink. Over application results in frosted baby pink.


Alright, you can't really see but this shows how nude it is. Color is nude with baby pink tinge.

GIFT: Nars mini lip trio
I do feel all soft and gooey inside every time I receive a letter in the mail from Myer. Today's gift: from the Mecca Cosmetica new color catalogue, a promotional Nars gift.
Died of happiness.

Came back to life in oder to test out lip glosses.

Came in three colors.

Look at how small they are compared to the standard product though haha. I am not too fussed. Freebies. Still smiling.

Sweet Revenge
All Night Long


Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam
$73.oo (AUD)

Pricey for a cleaning foam. Hesitated to purchased. Quite happy I did.

Product is highly FOAM-ABLE. Am not exaggerating. Half a finger nail sized dollop foams up whole face. And I have a big face. Leaves skin feeling extremely clean. Has a brightening effect. Skin looks exfoliated. Promises to fade away my scars. Have not seen much difference, but have not been attacked by an army of breakouts so far. Sigh of relief. Would have died if breakout army came to invade after forking out the painful $73. Does not leave skin looking like cracked Australian outback. No reptilian peeling either.


Chloe Body Perfume
(Price unsure. Received in Chloe pack when purchasing new Chloe perfume)

Smell is lovely. When worn before spritzing oneself with Chloe perfume, scent lasts forever and ever. Scent is very floral - reminiscent of an English garden. Texture is creamy and smooth. Slightly greasy but absorbs into skin after a while. Leaves skin feeling smooth but has no lasting effect. Does not seem to have any skin restorative properties.


YSL Rouge Volupte no. 30
$55.00 (AUD)

Color is that of Barbie's shoes. Light florescent pink has slight coral tint. Texture is very VERY creamy. Has a slight slip: color does not cling well to lips as a result of extreme creaminess therefore lasting power is as weak as a Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume (hehe had to bring up. was so disappointed with pretty smelling product).

Case is luxurious. Heavy. Gold. Soft click upon closing. Nifty mirror on lid. Overall, product's packaging can be mistaken as a Crown Jewel.


  1. I've tried the Missha BB Cream and ended up giving it away to my friend :{ !! It makes my skin or greasy and oily. And it offers a light-coverage. Sighz!


  2. aw :( what shade were u hun?? I have to admit, with the lighter one, the coverage did seem pretty sheer. I mixed mine because I'm pretty tanned but i get super dark in the summer :)

    you should try the skinfoods one if you find that you need one with better oil control. I found it less greasy. Although that has hardly any coverage at all. My aunt got it for me overseas, but I don't think they sell them in Australia so I've been looking for a good place to buy them online. Will link you when I find it!

  3. Wow! that is one heck of a haul

  4. Aww, your camera's quality looks fine to me. The make-up looks awesome; not awesome enough for the price tho', hahahahahaha~! *sighs* :(

    -Lola (blogfrog [SITS] member)

  5. That makeup looks like something I would fall in love with. I love the nude color lips, I recently just bought a nude color lipliner and love it, it makes my lips look so much more fuller! I love all the makeup you posted :)